Is Your IT Security Strategy Prepared for Modern Threats?

Security operations are one of the major concerns for most businesses. Technology is in constant disruption, and many firms are experiencing a hard time adapting. Delinea is a leading provider of Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions that recently conducted a survey. The survey focused on the security strategy decision-making quotient of leaders. More than 60% of the respondents mentioned that their security strategy does not align well with the existing threat ecosystem. In her article for the Intelligent SME, Catherine Darwen shares how you can prepare your security operations for modern network threats.

Identity Security: A Concern for Your Security Strategy

Protecting privileged identities and consumer databases is undeniably the topmost priority for any enterprise. The survey suggests that the vision of security operations differs from execution. Moreover, 40% of the participants believe that their security policies and frameworks function efficiently.

However, 84% of the firms mentioned that they had faced a security breach in the last year and a half. Respondent organizations from UAE and KSA are comparatively more skeptical of their security methodologies. However, 53% of the participants from these countries accept that there is an acute need to rejuvenate IT security infrastructure.

Why You Should Prioritize IT Security

Several companies are aware of their IT security loopholes. They are keen to fix them but need to get the necessary support from the decision-making officials. The problem lies in clearly communicating the challenges and issues. Senior leadership has the responsibility of managing a wide array of business components. It involves cost management, resource implementation, supply chain management, etc.

With so much happening in the company, senior leaders often misjudge the importance of IT security. Furthermore, some business leaders are not aware of the importance of IT security. Make sure you communicate simply and convey your concerns effectively. It will help your business leaders understand the IT situation and encourage them to take the necessary steps.

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