How Recent Ransomware Attacks Impact Business Security

Cyberattacks are increasingly impacting business safety decisions and operations. With the advent of recent ransomware attacks, companies are struggling to find effective solutions that can enhance data safety. According to the NCC group’s Annual Threat Monitor report, ransomware attacks doubled in 2021. Several organizations have stated that ransomware impacts supply chain procedures significantly. Experts believe it is essential to understand current cybersecurity approaches and implement them carefully. In his article for the Gartner, Mark Atwood shares how firms can prevent recent ransomware attacks.

Protecting the Supply Chain from Recent Ransomware Attacks

Atwood mentions that companies have an inflated sense of their supply chain cybersecurity. Firms believe they are in an excellent position to handle cyberattacks when it is not necessarily the case. 83% of respondents in the Heightened Complexities survey by Gartner rated themselves more than 4 on a scale of 7 in their supply chain security. This overconfidence has affected the necessary network security modules. Companies are comfortable with their existing cybersecurity frameworks, which makes them prone to attacks.

How Firms Are Managing Supply Chain Operations

Some of the crucial findings of Gartner’s report are:

63% of participants believe that supply chain cybersecurity will witness a rise of at least 5% by 2022.Auditing suppliers, contract manufacturers, and logistics partners is vital to guarding against recent ransomware attacks.Logistics providers are proven to be the biggest source of supply chain network safety failure.63% of companies are comfortable working with third parties to resolve their cybersecurity problems.Cybersecurity talent in the supply chain field will witness a surge in demand.38% of respondents use a ‘% of completion of third-party risk assessment’ to quantify supply chain risk.

Atwood suggests that if your company is experiencing an increase in cyber risk, commit to regular cybersecurity workshops and adapt to changes. Take necessary actions and be responsive.

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