This Will Lower Your Project Complexity Dramatically

Every manager can affirm the importance of processes to a project’s success. Documentation is a crucial component of this. But what happens when this swelling tide of paperwork reaches a critical level and significantly influences the actual project delivery? You can adopt strategies to stop the flood of paperwork that can increase project complexity. You may have even heard of a project being launched while its enormous project charter is still in circulation among stakeholders for approval. In his blog article, Kiron Bondale shares tips to help project managers with their administrative work.

Factors Contributing to the Administrative Load

It is normal to anticipate an increase in paperwork as the project’s size or complexity rises, albeit gradually. Depending on the size or complexity of the project and the organization’s policies and standards, the required paperwork or processes will vary.

The administrative load is influenced by (at least) three things:

Standards and procedures of the organizationThe project’s scale and complexityThe chosen methods of operation for the project manager

How to Tackle Project Complexity

An internal project can be funded directly by the sponsoring division if they cover all labor costs. When a project becomes too complex or large, a project analyst or similar role may provide administrative support to a project manager. Notably, companies with a higher delivery maturity level will use this practice.

To find out how much time was spent on paperwork, the author polled the Project Management.com community members and the PMI’s Project, Program, and Portfolio Management discussion group. He obtained 1068 responses to his survey, with the following findings:

Under 25% of their overall effort: 23%26-50% of their overall effort: 44%51-75% of their overall effort: 25%Over 75%: 8%

Over 50% of project managers spend more than half of their time on administrative duties, but is that reasonable?

A project manager has too much paperwork if they cannot focus on more strategic work or essential activities because of administrative tasks.

To resolve this issue, filter the administrative work to minimum requirements. The second step is to monitor the project manager’s administrative effort and assist whenever it exceeds a reasonable threshold.

To read the original article, click on https://kbondale.wordpress.com/2022/07/03/are-your-pms-drowning-in-paperwork/

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