Privacy & Security: Why Should You Hide an IP Address?

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An IP address is a critical piece of information that helps identify devices connected to the internet, including your computers, smartphones, and servers. Everything you do online can be tracked. It is how ad networks predict what products you might be interested in. Furthermore, it is how websites know when to cut you off from their content due to geographical restrictions. But why should you hide an IP address? In this article at TechBullion, Priya S shares some reasons for hiding your IP address.

Top 4 Reasons Why You Must Hide an IP Address

Bypass ISP Monitoring and Throttling

All internet service providers (ISPs) will track user activities, including searched items, social communications, accounts and passwords, and network connection time. Additionally, they keep the data recorded, throttle the bandwidth, and sell them to advertising agencies. Whether you are a victim of ISP throttling or want to keep your online actions private, connecting to a virtual private network (VPN) is an effective way to stop ISP tracking and throttling.

Unlock Access to Geo-Blocked Content

Many web services implement geo-blocking that limits IP addresses to a list of countries. In their defense, it saves those resources and bandwidth,” says Priya. However, if you desire to access restricted content, hide your real IP address and use a fake one to bypass the ban. A VPN is currently one of the most prevalent methods to hide IP addresses and reclaim internet freedom.

Hide IP Address to Maintain Online Privacy

Data breaches have become increasingly frequent today. Millions of user records are leaked. Therefore, online anonymity and privacy protection are crucial for firms and individuals. Hiding an IP address blocks ISPs, governments, search engines, ad networks, employers, schools, and websites you visit from spying on your web browsing activities.

Protect Your Data from Government Surveillance

Some countries keep an eye on their citizen’s Internet activities. You may be doing nothing wrong. However, you may not want your government to be able to freely spy on you. If you value your privacy, use a VPN to hide your IP address from the government so they cannot track what you are up to.

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