How a Firm Is Producing 75,000 Liters of Clean Water Daily

The struggle to provide clean water in developing countries is directly associated with the electricity shortage and awareness. However, some companies are trying to bridge the gap and look for innovative methods to tackle the clean water crisis. In one of their recent videos, Forbes shares how GoodLeap is trying to combat the water crisis by electrifying homes. The idea of producing potable water in Africa started taking shape when Hayes Barnard, CEO of GoodLeap, thought of opening up schools in Africa. They began putting solar panels on the schools and started aligning them with their long-term goal of climate rejuvenation. In a short while, the company commenced extracting water from oceans and brackish wells through reverse osmosis and made it potable using modern technologies. GoodLeap produces almost 75,000 liters of water every day. The citizens can have access to clean water for less than a cent. In addition, it has helped developing countries improve schools, electricity, and employment in the process.

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