Cloud Security: Ramp It Up to Tackle Modern Challenges

Companies insist on cloud security basically because of two factors. One – it easily helps diagnose issues. Two – you can mitigate risks effectively. This has been consistent since the time organizations started prioritizing cloud security. With the advent of more improved technologies, you must be more proactive and secure the various cloud components your company leverages. In this article at InformationWeek, Jeff Collins shares security tips that will help you tackle the challenges of modern times.

Cloud Security Best Practices to Follow

Cloud Security vs. Cloud-Native Setup

You have set up cloud firewalls and defined security groups for security. Additionally, you have used tools to collect logs and analyze data or regularly checked the IAM settings for anomalies. But here are the things you will face if you are trying to make your legacy cloud environment work like a cloud-native setup:

The old cloud environments do not detect risks beyond the IaaS setup.A typical cloud-native setup will have configuration changes more frequently than its older counterpart.You need a more stringent security posture in a multi-cloud setting.It is not easy to fix issues in the modern cloud-native environment.

How to Boost Security

Insert security testing into the development phases of the cloud environment. You must defuse the risks before they even become issues in the long or short term.Do not depend on agent-based security alone to tighten the hold on cloud protection.Include as many layers as possible in infrastructure, applications, orchestration, and physical and virtual networks. This will boost security.You do not have to wait for an alert. Proactively manage the security of native environments.Have automated tools that can isolate incidents and mitigate them without your dedicated intervention.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.informationweek.com/cloud/cloud-native-security-best-practices-for-evolving-cloud-environments

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