Tackle Hearing Loss with the New Smart AI Glasses

A pioneering software product, XRAI Glass, enriches conversations for millions of people worldwide with hearing loss. XRAI, a British software company, launched the smart AI glasses in the public preview of its revolutionary technology in partnership with AR (for hardware). In this video at WION, Simon Marks shares this much-needed innovation for people with hearing loss. AI glasses are intuitive and easy to use, and they may prove to be a powerful tool for easing social isolation for people with hearing loss.

Using smart glasses tethered to a phone, users can read a person’s speech in real-time via closed captioning. With XRAI Glass, audio is converted into subtitles displayed on the glasses screen. With its sophisticated voice recognition capabilities, the software can identify who is speaking and translate languages, voice tones, accents, and pitch. John Feldman, born with profound auditory impairment, tested the glasses and described them as ‘quite extraordinary.’ XRAI AR glass still has hiccups understanding messages when two or more voices overlap and needs a quiet setting to caption the speech accurately. However, this is a huge leap towards empowering people with hearing loss.

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