Wondering How to Improve Negotiation Skills? Here’s How

Strong negotiation skills are crucial at any career stage, whether interviewing for a job, asking for a raise, or speaking with an investor. However, improving negotiation skills can be overwhelming for many professionals. Fortunately, skillful negotiating can be learned. This article at Online PM Courses explains how to improve negotiation skills with a simple four-step process.

How to Improve Negotiation Skills: Basic Phases

Preparation Phase

Preparation is instrumental to achieving success in the negotiation process. Being well-prepared generates confidence and gives an edge to the negotiator. As a negotiator, thoroughly understand the other parties’ objectives, roles, and issues. Furthermore, be aware of your bargaining style and that of the other party. Your preparation will help you make better choices along the way to arrive at the utmost favorable conclusion.

How to Improve Negotiation Skills in the Opening Phase

This is the most critical stage of negotiation. If you are wondering how to improve negotiation skills to win people, make a positive first impression. “Dress appropriately, enter confidently, and get your papers out to reveal an orderly file, smart notebook, and classy pen. Show you are confident and mean business,” says the author. Psychologically, this is a crucial phase because it sets the tone for the negotiation to a large extent.

Bargaining Phase

The bargaining phase involves coming closer to achieving your intended objectives. In this phase, you must convince the other side to concede to your needs. Experts suggest you pay attention to details while negotiating and never respond immediately. Additionally, ensure that everything you do or say moves you one step closer to your agreement. You must be logical in your approach and frame thought-out arguments to accomplish this.

Closure Phase

Obtain genuine commitment from the other party. In an effective negotiation, both parties will come up with the best possible combination of terms in a similar time frame. It also involves sealing the agreement—a written contract or letter of intent. Remember, reviewing the negotiation is as critical as the negotiation process itself. It teaches lessons on how to improve negotiation skills further.

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